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John 1 opening: Possible interpretation?
Beloved Anthea in Yashua,Berek Alaha! It is my humble responsibility to share with you that our Lord,Alaha and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha is truely God-Alaha-and of one identical essence and one with the Father.The entire introduction of the Gospel of John points to this miracle.Our Lord is both fully Divine,sharing His Divine nature with the father and His human nature with us.What is not assumed is not redeemed so He took upon Himself in his perfect Divinity and eternal oneness with the Father ,Maryah our complete human nature,alike us in every way except for sin in order to accomplish for us what was impossible through the law which was bequeathed to us so we could prepare for His glorious coming.It is one of the countless miracles of the incarnation that the omnipresent God,who is the all through whom we all live and move and have our being to become incarnate in the womb of the virgin Mary.The infinite,uncontainable one true God became man and He whom the universe is but a thrown for His Divine majesty Himself resided in te womb of the virgin with His oneness with the Father being perfectly intact at all times.His human will was made to alighn so perfectly with the Divine will that He was able to create creation anew in renewing mankind from the fall of Adam,Himself becoming the new Adam and restoring humanity with Almighty God.He is perfectly God,God the Son,God the word,perfectly one with the Father and te creative principal of God the Father as all things were by His hand and without Him not even one single thing existed of all that existed.This is all very obvious from the opening chapter of John and through literally countless other passages from the Holy Gospels showing His complete Divinity and oneness with Maryah the Father.Ena na,in Aramaic means I am,te very name of God the Father from the burning bush which was nonother than our Lord,God and Saviour Yashua.I and the Father are one.You have seen me so you have seen the Father.Christ is God the Father and Holy Spirit incarnate in the flesh.This is how much God has loved and loves us that He put on the flesh of Adam and tabernacled amongst us to restore the way to Paradise with him.Through his taking upon himself the sins of mankind and offering himself up on the cross once and for all for our redemption is the single most glorious event in the history of man through his glorious ressurection by which he raised us all who believe in him to eternal life with him,his eternal Father and /Ruach Ha Kodesh-Holy Spirit.Every word of not only the Holy Gospels but also the rest of te New Testament and every word and utterance from the Old Testament also speak completely of this wonderful miracle of divine love.God became man so that the nature of humanity might be transformed into God in Christ.The word of God became flesh so that in Him humanity might be transformed into divinity and the nature of humanity renewed.God became man so that man might become God.Every word and breath of the Holy Gospels and new Testament-the very word of God explains this as well as every word from the Old Testament also.I will pray for you to recieve the light and life which is our Mari,Alaha and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha.Its all about love.Without divine love we are nothing.Everything God does is completely a matter of love from the beginning to the end.God is love and he who abides in Love abides in God and he who abides on God abides in Love.Berek Alaha my brother.

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