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Jesus? title as ?lord? and Preservation of the Peshitta
Quote:I am aware of the differences between "LORD" and "Lord". In my Bibles (NIV & NTL),
As long as you don't use the NWT, i won't have a problem with that. Though there is nothing wrong with other translations as well. i like AMP, and use KJV a lot, though it is NOT "the best".
Quote:Jesus is referred to as "Lord" and not "LORD" even in for Mark 1:3. Yes, I am only just "acquainted" with HEBREW.
Quote:2) the greek NT does so (for example Mk. 1:3->Is. 40:3-5).

Does it say "Theos" (God) or "Kurios" (Lord)?
Naturally it says kurios. Read what i say afterwards. My point is not that the greek NT says "Yahweh" or anything, but that you should track back the quote to the OT, and check out what the message was. If John purposefully changed the message of the verse from "YHWH" to just "Lord in general", what prophet would he be? It is YHWH.

Quote:There was another discussion about this recently.
Could you kindly link me to it.

Thanks again!!
i can and will. But, please note that the discussion only got to the subject of Christ's divinity after getting off topic. Also, it is quite lenghty, and some of the "less holy", harsh words are in use. By the way, if your interest is only in these specific titles, you won't find much here. It speaks of Christ's divinity (which at first seemed your major interest), but not about the titles.

So, back to the whole titles issue. In the Old Testament, God has many titles (Adon, Adonai, El, Eloah, Elohim, El Shaddai, ....). Those titles are also applied to idols, angels and humans. That is why the use of those titles in order to undeniably refer to the almighty creator God is only limited. But, His Holy, personal, unique, and uncomparable name YHWH (=Yahweh) is clearly a better canididate for that task. However, since the Jews believed this name to be too sacred to be spoken, they said "Adonai" (Lord) instead. This custom was carried along in translation, thus all OT quotes containing YHWH in the New Testament write "kurios" (Lord) instead of YHWH or Yahweh. That does not mean whenit uses "kurios" it is not refering to YHWH, it just means kurios has more than one menaing.
So, both the regular word "Lord" as well as YHWH are expressed by the same word. Since, however, Lord can also refer to humans, we have a bit of a dilemma here. There is no clear and absolutely distinctive reference to YHWH in the Greek New Testament. Because there is no such distinction, we have to deduct it from OT quotes, or context etc. Since th synonym kurios can mean several things, some references will remain a matter of opinion. If, however, an OT quote is involved, there is no doubt it refers to YHWH.

The Peshitta, however, has a distinction between YHWH and all other titles. The word used is Marya, which means "The Lord". This word is well-known from the Targums (Aramaic OT translation that likely predates the NT), where it is exclusively used to refer to YHWH. Thus, in the Peshitta, there are clear references that tieJesus to Yahweh, such as:
1Corinthians 12:3 - I therefore make known to you, that there is no man who by the Spirit of Aloha speaketh, and saith that Jeshu is accursed; and no man also can say that Jeshu is THE LORD unless by the Spirit of Holiness.
The "THE LORD" here is Marya, so this is a direct identification of Jesus as YHWH. In fact, it is quite impossible to accept the Peshitta and reject Jesus as YHWH. But, please don't let your theology decide what Bible to use, but rather your Bible what theology to have. There is a lot of proof for Peshitta primacy (though i have not yet reached a personal final viewpoint). i suggest reading into this book:

What i am more concerned about is that the NT claims Jesus to be the supreme God of creation in so many ways so many times, regardless of which manuscripts you use. i do not understand how people end up believeing in two seperate entities, personalitles, or whatever.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.

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