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Difference between Peshitta Syriac and Aramaic of Yeshua
""He said that Jesus last words "Lama Sabaqthani" are Aramaic, but in Syrian language, it is 'lmana'. ""

This is also purely Syriac, it's just the compound of two words, l and ma. "lema". The vowel after the l would have been a half vowel or Sheva. This is a common phrase in classical and also colloquial Syriac.

Btw. The main differences between Syriac and the language of Jesus is the exaggerated use of the emphatic state in Syriac as opposed to the other dialects. We have evolved over the centuries to prefer to use beyta instead of beth or malka instead of malekh. In other dialects there is a difference where one would mean "the house" the other just "house".
Syriac is also from the East Aramaic branch and all the dialects spoken in Palestine and parts of Syria would have been Western.
Other differences are pronouns have been shortened into one word like for example "dena" "this" from Old Aramaic into "hana" in Syriac from "ha" "dena" "behold this" with the falling away of the "d", another ex. "hakhana" from "ha-ke'dena" from older Aramaic "ke'dna" "like this" (literally "behold, like this).
Syriac has also shortened syllables, the almost complete removal of the initial consonant Sheva from the Peal form of verbs. Like "tvar" which should rightly be "tevar" broke 3rd person past tense. Another example "SHLAMA" from "SHaLAMA"etc etc. Shortened syllables in other cases as well also in nouns.
At the time Syriac and Aramaic spoken in Palestinian would still have been definitely mutually understandable because, most writings of Syriac come from the 4th century onward. The farther you go back even in Urhoy, the more faithful it stays to Aramaic.
If you know Syriac and keep these changes in mind, and learn "Kethav Ashuri", you can definitely read Palestinian Aramaic. They're not that different.

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