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Yeshua or Y'shua
Q1. Generaly I find Yeshua is used most on this forum and in print eg Paul Younan Interlinear NT; but sometimes Y'shua, a smaller group when I search on this forum, in print eg Andrew Gabriel Roth AENT - so is this a different transliteration or cultural variant?

Q2. Similar to above: Messiah or Mashiyach or Meshikha or Meshihah or Ha?Machiach or ha?Meshiach - are these different transliterations from Aramaic or from Hebrew?

Q3. Then in addition to the above in combination, I have also found: Eoasha Msheekha and Yeshua Ha?Mashiach and Moshiakh Y'hoshua - so do these variants reflect different cultures? - do they vary in print to aproximate in other languages the sound in Aramaic? - is there one standard for transliteration from Aramaic to Latin characters?

(I live in Australia, English only background)

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