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available translation matching word-numbers

is there anybody, who can direct to a translation which is in-line with the dictionary?

previously it was said that for an english translation the peshitta site would supply information.

However the following is the case;

In the dictionary, in three occasions at least, translations are given (documented with a great number
of references) which can not be seen in the peshitta site, to which reference is made.

So my conclusion was; that if these dictionary information is valid, there must be translations in line with this

The words in particular are the following;

1)Ganan; Nng; word-number 7343
2)Apelles; fp0; word-number 1798
3)Maath; tam; word-number 11374

Can you please clarify this?
any answer will be highly appreciated

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available translation matching word-numbers - by johnt - 09-02-2010, 08:20 AM

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