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Acts 7:16 and Genesis 33:18 contradiction
Havah Wrote:Andrej: I got your point of view. In fact if Steven was wrong(he is), it doesn't means he is not a righteous believer. Also, author Mar Luqa has no point to corrupt his word to suit the Scripture, which was also a lie, right?
That is kind of what i said, though i do not want to exclude other explanations. i just wanted to point it out as a valid possibility. It might very well be, though, that there is another explanation hidden in scripture, which may even reveal further secrets.

Reading on the subject, i suppose the most logical explanation is that Stephen was simply trying to be quick in his summary, and as he was speaking to people aware of history, they knew how to understand his information. It's like with OT quotes in the NT, often times those are literal, but sometimes, those are paraphrases. Many have a problem with that, but, why is it many people think that only literal translation is valid? Alike, why should one think that Stephen's way of expressing the story is improper? He was merely trying to be concise, which always results in inaccuracies.

Another interpretation would be:
1) "he" in v. 15 is Joseph,
2) Joseph and his brothers were all carried to Shechem, but this is not recorded in the OT (Josephus seems to indicate this is Samaritan tradition)
3) Since Abraham set up an Altar in Shechem, he led Jacob to buy the land by making it a place of worship
But, this, to me, seems too much of a stretch.

Just fyi, i quickly compiled a paper from the commentaries out of my library that adressed the topic:
This is one of the approaches i take when studying something in detail. This is not edited for proper formatting (messed up footnotes), nor is it arranged in any particular order. There may also be a few paragraphs that do not deal with the topic. Usually i would not share a document like this without formatting, arranging and extracting the information, but as i am currently not in the luxury of being able to spend time on this, i will give you the raw data, and you may examine it, if you wish.

It should be said, however, that, even when you have a hundred commentaries at your disposal, one often times has to arrive at the conclusion that none of them was able to figure out the truth behind a text. That happened to me several times, for example when examining the role and succession of the queen mother in the Old Testament, or when studying the story of the beggars of Jericho.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.

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