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Lamsa's statement in Introduction of his translation
Could someone please tell me how this could be true as stated by Mr. Lamsa in the introduction to his translation of the Peshitta?

Lamsa says: "Evidently Jesus and his disciples used a text which came from an older Hebrew original. This is apparent because Jesus' quotations from the Old Testament agree with the Peshitta text but do not agree with the Greek text. For example, in John 12:40, the Peshitta Old Testament and New Testament agree. "

John 12:40 has Jesus quoting Isaiah 6:40...but the Peshitta does not agree with the quote, whereas the Septuagint, DSS, Vulgate, and Masoretic does. The Peshitta stands alone with the term "Forgiven" rather than all the others having "Heal" or "Healed". If Jesus were quoting from The Aramaic text or a Hebrew Text that The Aramaic Peshitta was translated from, then it should match right?

Here are the verses in the various texts, so you don't have to look them all up.

Quote of Jesus: John 12:40
John 12:40 Lamsa's Peshitta in English: "...let them return and I will heal them."
John 12:40 KJV's Greek in English: "...and be converted, and I should heal them."

Source text of quote: Isaiah 6:10
Isaiah 6:10 Lamsa's Peshitta in English: "...and be converted and be forgiven."
Isaiah 6:10 Targum Jonathan in English "...and repent, and it shall be forgiven them."
Isaiah 6:10 Brenton's Septuagint in English: "...and be converted, and I should heal them."
Isaiah 6:10 Abegg's Dead Sea Scrolls in English:"...turn back and be healed."
Isaiah 6:10 JPS 1917 Masoretic in English: "...return, and be healed.
Isaiah 6:10 Douay Vulgate in English: "...and be converted and I heal them.

Question: In Aramaic, could the word for "Forgiven" be translated in English as "Heal" or "Healed" or is that not possible?


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