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Brothers of Jesus
I didn't know that, distazo. Thanks for pointing it out. But in the Gospels, I think Yehuda (Jude), Yaqob the less (James the less), and Yoseh are the sons of Mary (possibly a sister of Virgin Mary). Another tradition says that Qalyopa was brother of Joseph (Foster Father of Jesus). I think the confusion happened because of another mistranslation. In English Bible, Thaddeus is also called Lebbaeus in Gospel of Matthew 10:3.

But in Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation (Matthew 10:3) , Thaddeus (Yehuda) is called Lewi. Just like Yaqob the less, Lewi was also the son of Khalpai. Like Mattai, Lewi was a tax collector. We see Lewi as a tax collector in Mark 2:14. Like Yaqob the less, Yehuda (Lewi) was the son of Khalpai (Qalyopa).

But due to mistranslations, Khalpai ended up becoming Alphaeus. Lewi became Lebbaeus. And today, a lot of people think Lewi and Mattai are the same person. And Alphaeus and Clopas (Qalyopa) are 2 different person.

Here is a wikipedia link that gives lots of wrong information, because they think New Testament was originally written in Greek.

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