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Romans 8:25-27

For me "Ruwkha" may refer to the Spirit of Alaha or even to the Spirit of Messiah, the only one who has seen the Father (Joh 6:46). We are born from "Ruwkha" and water (Joh 3:5) and worship Alaha in "Ruwkha" (Joh 4:24). This "ruwkha" of adam / spirit of men, who comes from Ahala and lives in the temples of our bodys is who makes conection with the "Ruwkha" of Ahala when we are fallen in infirmities and Messiah is the Sheperd who expores our heards.

Most of time spiritualy we are fine, but sometime we are like David who said that the Good Shepherd is with him even the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23). In such moments of infirmities David has writen Psalms, but some of us are not so strong in such moments and do not know "how" to pray, couse we know that we most pray for our frailty, but in the sense that we do not find so fast the proper words, so we make just groanings (or laments).

At His service,

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