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The Hoax of the Three Days and Three Nights
Ben Masada Wrote:Shalom Judge, what is the hostility about? I am breaking no law. The sub forum is about "Contradictions in the Greek NT, as you remind us about it yourself. And this discussion of mine is about a classical contradiction in the Greek NT. Do you think it is fair to get rid of a thread or a poster because you find yourself unable to solve the problem?

I dont care if i can solve the problem. Im not a christian, so it doesn't matter to me if its a contradiction or not.

Quote: I know that sometimes pride speaks louder than commonsense, but I thought you were bigger than that. If you judge yourself unable to solve an issue, instead of turning against the poster why don't you ignore it and leave it to others who feel more secure to pick it up and give it a try? To accuse me of spamming is not too fair when I am sure you know that I am telling the truth. So, calm down and be in peace with yourself and others. Golden Rule, remember?

It seemed like SPAM to me. I do appreciate this forum and find the whole topic quite fascinating for various reasons, and I am, maybe after posting here for quite some time alittle protective.
I'd like to see this forum as a place where issues pertaining to the peshitta can be looked at, and catalogued too. I just didnt see where your post fitted in this section.
Look for example, at the other topics in this sub forum, they deal with the relationship between the greek texts, the peshitta and contradictions which may arise due to translational issues.
I have nothing personally against you so I do apologise if you took offence.

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