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The Hoax of the Three Days and Three Nights
In brief...

The Passover is also considered a Sabbath (sometimes a High Sabbath).

The preparation day referred to is for the Passover (Jesus was crucified as foretold as the Passover). He had to die at the appointed time for the sacrifice to fulfill the prophecy (plus a bunch of other details like no broken bones, etc...).

Joseph took his body after his death and entombed it. The women watched this and then after observing the passover and the weekly Sabbath went to his tomb with their preparations which could not be done prior to this (by the Law). When they came after the setting of the sun on the weekly Sabbath and before the sun rose Sunday morning he had already risen...

The death and burial would have taken place by Wednesday evening to filfill the prophecy of the Passover during that time.

Wed Night/Thurs Day = 1 Night and Day
Thurs Night/Fri Day = 1 Night and Day
Fri Night/ Sat Day (the weekly Sabbath)= 1 Night and Day
Sat Night to Early Sunday Morning = Jesus's Ressurection

That's the quick of it... I can fill in the schalarly details and such some other time if need be.

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