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No Piercing At Jesus' Side

are you aware that the topics on this site are supposed to be dealing with the Peshitta in some way, shape, or form? theological issues are not debated here, unless, i suppose, the moderators wish to change things.

as it stands, here's the best reason why Yeshuwa WAS pierced in His side: the record of Yeshuwa being pierced in His side IS contained in the Peshitta, and it was done NOT to kill Him, but to make certain He was dead --the physical presence of "blood and water" coming forth from the wound proved there had already been a death, but NOT by the normal method of positional asphyxiation from broken legs which took the lives of the other two men. this testimony is what was being given -- He didn't die a NORMAL death because He didn't have broken legs, yet He still seemed to have undergone positional asphyxiation. that is what was so astonishing. this shows that He willingly, with complete control of His faculties, gave up His life. the Peshitta accurately upholds this info of His piercing in the Aramaic, and there is no reason to doubt the textual record.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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