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"Eternal" in Peshitta
Jetavan Wrote:Hello,

I've read this site:

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which says that in the New Testament, the Greek aion/aionios, usually translated in English as "eternal", actually means "age-lasting", or "the duration of ages". Does the Peshitta form of aion/aionios mean "eternal"?


the corresponding term would be ALAM, which means "age," but also "world" and "forever." the Greek term aion also has the definition of "world."

i would personally offer caution regarding the site you shared: the Scriptures were written in a Hebraic, Semitic mindset, regardless of how one might view the issue of source-text. the understanding of the concepts must be approached from that view, or things can be skewed. the book makes reference to how Aristotle used the word, but Aristotle, to my knowledge, wasn't a Semite. Scriptural context/understanding must be maintained above all else in matters such as these.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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