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Interesting scribal error
Stephen Silver Wrote:Shlama Akhi Jeremy:
For Hebrews 7:11 he Crawford Codex also agrees with the the UBS 1904 and Mingana Syriac 148 against the Khabouris Codexwith the of L'AMMA, "to the people." Mingana Syriac 148 is the superior eastern text of the Peshitta New Testament. Good work Jeremy.

Stephen Silver
Dukhrana Biblical Research
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Shlama akhi Stephen,

that is good to know multiple witnesses back up the reading! and too bad about the Mingana not being available at Dukhrana. i guess i am spoiled, but it would be nice to have em all right together to cross reference with ease....

hope all is going well on transcribing the Crawford!

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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