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Romans 5:7 and Reshyana

i don't remember reading Andrew's post where he arrived at his interpretation, but i think i see how he came to the conclusion that he did:

the Peshitta reads "Rasheeya" - a common word for "wickedness or evil." it DOES closely resemble the term "Reshyana" - which commonly means "blame" or "accuse," but also has the meaning of a "gift" of some sort.

here's how it could have easily worked: the Greek translator *thought* he read "reshyana" while reading "rasheeya" -- BUT he took what he thought he saw to mean the idea of "gift," which would be akin to "alms," which in Aramaic is a word that means, as the root ZDQ, both "alms" and "righteous." so you have a 'roundabout' way of explaining the error. i don't know if that's what Andrew was referring to or not, but at least it would make sense that way for him to bring up zadiyqa.

other than that -- if there is indeed a way that reshyana can mean "blameless" -- i don't know...

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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