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Signs on manuscripts (dots, letters, stars...)
shlomo Samuel,

EEChO Wrote:I was wandering where you found these informations ? Is it your own deductions or do you know where I could find a book over these symbols.

The information is spread out over many books that I've read over the years; and also, from the Syriac texts that I've been exposed to over time.

EEChO Wrote:I could be very interesting knowing if the different manuscripts of the Peshitta possess the same symbols at the same places, and if not, why.

Some of these symbols will differ from group to group and sometimes within the same group. My group, the Syriac Maronites changed some of our lessons over time, so earlier manuscripts will show a lesson starting and ending at one point, while the same lesson in a later time might start and end at a different point.

They're just there to give the text a more orderly organisation.

The marks relating to end of lesson, subsection, and paragraph are less important than grammatical and vowel marks. Most books you'll read will concentrate way more on grammatical and vowel marks than on punctuation marks.

push bashlomo,
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