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Important Notice
To all forum members:

As everyone is aware, for a number of years this forum has operated under the guideline that topics should generally deal in some fashion with the subject matter this website is dedicated to.

I have been giving some thought recently to expanding the scope of those guidelines, at least temporarily as this storm passes, with respect to the very real and hard times many of us are experiencing in what may possibly be the worst financial crisis any of us has seen in our lifetime.

I have been praying for various people, and receiving private messages of a disheartening nature, and my empathy for our brethren who are worried and suffering is overwhelming at times. I feel that if we were to allow topics of such nature that, as a collective group our prayers and perhaps our material assistance can be realized in a fellow human being's life, as we are commanded by our Saviour. Perhaps as a group we can minimize the effect and can assist in any way possible, within our means.

I would like your vote on this question. Please indicate your preference by voting in the poll above.
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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