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Targum and Sermon on the Mount
Shlama to you Kara,

You are not making any sense. It is very hard to dialogue with you. What source do you question? You disagree with the book? You don't think the Talmud quotes are genuine? What is your point? I'm not psychic. That's forbidden by Torah remember? If you don't have the patience to explain your views, I assure you I have no patience to divine them through tea leaves or ask what your sign is.

You seem to think a source like Talmud is an all or nothing affair. That one needs to 100% endorse or 100% condemn it. The Talmud is not something like say "Huckleberry Finn" written by one man in one place in one time. It is a collection of hundreds of rabbis over a period of more than a thousand years and a dozen countries, carefully edited over an extremely long period of time. Some of it is great. Some of it is junk. Some of it is simply it being the product of its day.

If you knew my beliefs, you would know that I certainly don't support Rabbinic polemics against Y'shua. And if you knew how history works, that it is huge, messy and sometimes turns round about on itself, you would not paint with such broad and absolute strokes.

The other frustrating part is that you don't acknowledge a main point and act as if it wasn't made. Two examples. First, I showed you the Talmud quotes that unquestionably prove they are co-opting Gospel quotes. Even the rabbis tell us plainly the compilation of the Mishnah began at leat 150 years later. So do you acknowledge that since there is no doubt of the content or the timeline, that these parallels are not easily explained in another fashion? Or do you just say "no" and move on? I think everyone here knows exactly what you chose. Bad decision on your part.

Second example of your lack of proper exchange/response: I keep bringing you back to Acts 6:7 and you ignore it. So let's quote it so my intentions are clear:

"And the Word of Elohim spread and increased the number of disciples in Jerusalem greatly, and many people of the Judeans were obedient to the faith."

Do you think somehow this is not accurate? Or do you imagine that only fishermen and tax collectors followed him, when we know he had at least two members of the Sanhedrin in his corner as secret followers? The Gospels are full of this information with respect to Nicodemus, Joseph of Ramtha, members of the high priest's own entourage arguing in Y'shua's favor.

I view Acts as accurate history. And I know my Talmud and Targum sources are accurate. if you don't, frankly, that's not my problem. All I was trying to do was show these two sources and suggest an interesting parallel.

If you have a question, you should learn how to ask it rather than just promulgate "rejections" that are in and of themselves not based on your direct knowledge of the sources you have a problem with. I've researched this stuff for 30 years--if you would refute me do so from knowledge and not from a place that just says it's all fake. All that does is prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

Keep this up and the dialogue is over.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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