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Earliest known date attached to four Gospels
ograabe Wrote:A.D. 78 was 45 years after the resurrection of the messiah.

Surely the "Holy Book" that was finished in A.D. 78 was the whole Peshiita. The Western five were probbaly not written until after A.D. 78.

What do you think?


Shlama Akhi Otto,

I do believe the manuscript was of the 4 Gospels only, which is very common in our early tradition. Normally the Gospels were in one volume, the Epistles were in another.

I love how the Greek Primacists dismiss this as 'unreliable' because Aggai was supposed to have died in 48 AD, problem for them is that the scribe's name isn't Aggai, it's Akhai.

Kevin, where art thou? Here is what you wanted, a signed (handwritten by Akhai) copy of the Aramaic Gospels from 78AD, singed by a friend of Addai (one of the Seventy disciples).

+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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