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A Big Question for whoever has time
Grace and Peace,
I am a Christian from Northern Kentucky in America. Ifirst heard about the Christ on August 31, 2005. I put faith in him on September 28, 2005. My name is tom. To explain a little more what I mean when I say faith I word it like this in my about me on facebook: I have CONFIDENCE before God that all I need to satisfy the stench of my sin and bring GLORY to God is the Sacrifice of Christ and the resultant gift of the Spirit, therefore I make it my aim to please HIM, who gave His Son for the sin of the world.
To get to the point, until last week, I had never heard of Aramaic Primacy, I have been to Bible School (where I met my wife) and I devoted about a year to learning NT Greek. My knowledge of Greek though only seemed to make the amaraic arguments stronger. I see no problem thinking that the NT was originally written in aramaic, the arguments were quite persuasive. I have yet to purchase an AENT, or consider my decision final.
The reason I am writing this is, I teach at a house gathering of believers here, it is vital to protect my flock. i am sure that you are very aware that false teaching is rampant in America. False teachers are everywhere. The keys we use to determine these false teachers have always been and will remain, the truth of the gospel. I know gospel is probably not the word you use around here, but I have a strong fondness for it. There is no way to become a brother in Christ without the gospel being accurately taught and heard. The gospel starts with God, the author of all life, the Holy One, so righteous, so pure, no son of Adam can know Him. The message of Jesus is so powerful, it is the power of God to salvation, to knowing, serving, and worshipping the living God! I am very interested in the Jewishness of the teaching here, being a gentile I don't hear much of it. I love the hearkening back to seeing Jesus, Peter, and Paul as Jewish men who lived Jewish lives. But I must say that most of the false teaching that occurs here is always rooted in making something more important than the gospel. Here many say that unless you are baptist you are not saved, unless you are king james only you are not saved, unless you are baptized you are not saved, unless you do devotions you are not saved, unless you don't watch tv you are not saved, etc. I hold that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law (doing things found in the commandment portion of Torah, since the Torah as a whole promotes a Faith Righteousness), but this justification is outworked by love. We display our justification by walking by the power of the Holy Spirit and trusting in God to make us righteous outwardly, the same way He made us righteous inwardly. We love our brothers first by living righteously and second by helping them to live righteously, as the people of God, we live and die together, the term individual relationship to God is not valid in light of the 'new man' the combination of Jew and Gentile into the people of God. I guess my question is, is the message of Jesus seen as prime, the crazy truth from God that Paul devoted his life to teach, is the use of aramaic the means to the goal of giving God glory through His Son, by His death and Resurrection, or is it the goal of the means, to promote a system where men must learn from men in differing opinions? I don't say any of this to be rude, If you are my brothers then I am obligated to you, I guess my question is: are you my brothers?

Thank you in the Name of Jesus the Christ, the Lord.

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