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Andrew Roth's New Book is FANTASTIC!
Wow! I am delighted and overwhelmed to have a copy of Andrew Roth's ARAMAIC ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT, Netzari Press, 2008.

Andrew has distilled the Peshitta + FIVE into a perfectly balanced English translation that maintains the semitic foundations without confusing the reader. Also, he has deftly incorporated his rational interpretation of many ideas kicked around in this forum and balanced them with good judgement. The Appendix is an intellectual gold mine. This is the Aramaic primacy book for true scholars!

I think everyone who supports Aramaic primacy should purchase an extra copy and donate it to his or her favorite University Library to spread this knowledge to young students as well as old professors.

Thank you, Andrew, for your brilliant hard work and this great gift. God Bless You!



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Andrew Roth's New Book is FANTASTIC! - by ograabe - 11-02-2008, 03:35 PM
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