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My Apologies to Andrew Roth
Shlama Akhi Daniel,

It's not that I don't have an interest in the Tanakh side. It's just that I viewed the NT side as being in greater need and did that first.

Now, after so many years, I am kind of catching my breath. I can't just work continuously at the level I have been.

Having said that, in recent days a partial answer in terms of the Tanakh that I would like to see has begun emerging, and I posted the details of that kind of Tanakh here a few days ago

The difficulties on the Tanakh side are wholly different than those with NT, and Tanakh therefore needs an entirely different approach to bring the ancient voices together, in some ways standardizing as the Masoretes did and in other ways letting the individual witnesses speak their piece.

In looking at my own Jewish traditions there are only two real answers. We can either have the world learn Hebrew and Aramaic (my preference really) so they can take a look at the full breadth of the mss record, targums, etc., OR, we can do a better job at an expanded interlinear that does justice to these things. To my mind, yes, there are plenty of Masoretic interlinears out there but no, the central problems have not been addressed there yet in my opinion.

I genuinely would prefer 6.2 billion folks being their own translators and going on the journey that I and some others have been on, through their own experience, rather than getting to extremes where translations are elevated as original and perfect. But such is not practical and yes, I am one of those people who is fortunate enough to be able to help out in the English language.

All I really ask in return is a boat load of patience. This work takes a lot of time, and even now I may not ever feel Mari is totally finished, so how then can I move on to Tanakh if I do? On the other hand, I may end up working with folks on Tanakh in some way, but if I do I need to live with the possibilities for a long while and digest the best from nearly infinite possibilites. I tell you right now though that even if Baruch and I were to decide today on the exact way to do Tanakh and all the arrangements were instantly lined up, that final product is at least 5-7 years in the future.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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