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Just Wanted To Say...............
I can't be a member of this forum any longer.

I will certainly miss my friends: Andrew Gabriel Roth, Ryan, And Christina.

I was beginning to get to know Phil, and I'm sorry that that will be interrupted now.

I wish nothing but the BEST for this Forum, and I know that it will continue to thrive and grow.

I have certainly learned A LOT while I was here, and from everybody that I learned from, THANK YOU!

I leave knowing that my Brother Andrew got immersed at the Church of the East...........I just think that that is the coolest thing!

To my Dear Friends, thank each one of you for being my KNOW that I will miss you.

I'll continue to read here from time-to-time, but my days of writing are over, I was surely never that great of a writer anyways!

Thanks again for letting me share Matthew's Gospel Andrew! I WAS and still AM HONORED!

Christina, you'll make a GREAT MODERATOR!

Ryan, you and I can still talk, as always.



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