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Question about tribal name in Gilyana
breekh saphro oH Andrew,

Andrew Gabriel Roth Wrote:Technically though, it really means "Behold a son!"

So I suggest a different explanation for the spelling difference, even though it is possible Peshitta Tanakh is pre Meshikha and I think it probably is. I think however, this is a MIDRASH and REMEZ in the text where both meanings come together as: BEHOLD THE SON OF EL IS GREAT. (For YHWH has seen my affliction.)

This actually happens more often than some might think in the Peshitta text. I noted a similar hidden message with respect to the order of names in Luke.

This is very interesting, almost prophetic. It must have happened when the Aramaic started taken over for the Hebrew.

I would love to see these examples.


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