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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Shlama all--

I just wanted to say I love this book. Gwynn did a tremendous job all across the board, and I think he may be right, for whatever that's worth. He very well could have identified the Philoxenian Recension of 508; and he certainly has found the best possibility for this version if it in fact still exists. This book is totally precious to me and utterly essential for any library on the subject. I think it is even superior to his better known work on Revelation, but that's just me.

Now some have asked me what version of the W5 I have used in Mari/PEACE. The answer is (sort of) BOTH. For Revelation, the main text is most certainly Harkalean. I just prefer it to Crawford, and some of that might have to do with a certain thief and liar's advocacy of Crawford that I debunked in 2002. Most of the so-called Crawford variances that "The Liar" tried to prove as original were identical to phrases in the Harkalean. A few of them were the same thought with different words, but nothing major to my mind. Still, Mari was not so much as being about MY OPINION as it was about playing fair with my readers. I therefore decided to make sure that major variants were footnoted and explained in Rev and in the other W5 books, but yes, I am using the Mosul text for the W5.

In general though I really try to show variances between the groups to let the reader decide, so for the 22 I compare Khabouris and 1905 and with their variants, especially places like Rev 1:10 and 22:14.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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