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Two More Aramaic Versions of 'The Lord's Prayer'
Thank you! I had seen this site before, thanks for reminding me

The Chaldean one is shocking for the first 4 minutes, the CoE sings it with such zeal and and passion. At 4:30 it does pick up though once they start speaking Arabic and then they it seems okay from there.

Theres some really nice music in the hymns section to of all the things I miss about the middle east, the music is high on the list, How lovely are the tents of Shem!

Mshikhaya Wrote:
Sami Rabia Wrote:This is my favourate, always has been, of all the Lord's prayers I've found on youtube, I was shocked because it reminds me so much of the middle east, I instantly saw in my minds eye a hot sandy location and semetic people praising God with that characteristic middle eastern melody.

I love the COE Liturgy, I wish I could learn more, on that note, I really wish there were a full length recording of the NT in Aramaic, and then while were at it the Peshitta Tanakh, and then the Ktwa d'qdme wa d'batar... in Eastern Aramaic (one can dream)

Greetings Sami Rabia,

If you really like Church of the East prayers then I think you'll really like these. Have you checked out the following site with audio recordings of Aramaic prayers including some from the Church of the East?

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They even have a Chaldean liturgy which is similiar to the Church of the East that also has parts in Arabic. Here is that link:

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Still more Church of the East prayers: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... index.html</a><!-- m -->

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