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Two More Aramaic Versions of 'The Lord's Prayer'
This is my favourate, always has been, of all the Lord's prayers I've found on youtube, I was shocked because it reminds me so much of the middle east, I instantly saw in my minds eye a hot sandy location and semetic people praising God with that characteristic middle eastern melody.

It seems to be the recording on Dean Dana's website, Qurbana vol.1, its definitely the best CD I've ever bought (in my life) It is also excellently recorded, as was Vol 3, unfortunately though it seems to have been converted into some lower format (perhaps mp3) and then burned to CD. Also, shame about Mar Bawai, from what I've read and seen on youtube.

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This was also my first introduction into Aramaic that I could actually relate to, some forms of it are so distant from my tongue its difficult to understand for me, this video really was such a blessing to me, I've played it so many times and I learnt the whole prayer from this, although it took me time to actually distinguish some of the words, and I dont think I got the full thing until I actually was able to read Aramaic characters, again it was Shamasha Paul's int that helped me to finally understand this portion of the scriptures fully.

I love the COE Liturgy, I wish I could learn more, on that note, I really wish there were a full length recording of the NT in Aramaic, and then while were at it the Peshitta Tanakh, and then the Ktwa d'qdme wa d'batar... in Eastern Aramaic (one can dream)

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