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Two in 2nd Cor. and one in Eph.
Shlama Akhay Larry and Stephen,

The following is from my interlinear at 2 Cor. 5:5:

(is God) ahla (for this) adhl(for it) hl(us) Nl(& He Who prepares) dtemdw 5
(of His Spirit) hxwrd(the down payment *) anwbhr(us) Nl(Who gives) bhyd(it is) wh(He) wh

* Greek has arrabona??? arrabon???earnest money???; Thayer???s Greek Lexicon has "the Hebrew word Nwbre??????Arbown???"; Aramaic in The Peshitta has anwbhr??????Rahabona???, which is found twice in The Targum (Aramaic) of Esther. The Targums were Aramaic translations of Hebrew scripture read in synagogues in Israel from the fifth century BC until at least the third century AD.This ???Greek??? word arrabona comes from Hebrew, as probably does the Aramaic word anwbhr??????Rahabona???. Nwbre??????Arbown??? is ???pledge money???.



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