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Did the Greeks translate 'stauros and xulon' from Aramaic?
Hi Dave, thanks for all that! As you can possibly see, I came at this subject with a filter on! i.e. I have always been taught about the 'torture stake', the pole, in the contexts of wood standing up or up-stand as in 'stauros'. Having learned 'to prove all things' I found the book on Ruach Qadim to absolutely magnify and make clearer the scriptures I was having difficulty understanding! A little more probing and here we are (or here I am). While the above contributions have made my search (research) clearer they have not in a complete and infallible proof sense, if you get my drift? When I read from the Greek stauros as impale, I find it difficult to imagine how? Also, when all those poor souls were impaled on trees (6000) (on the Appian Way) did they use cross pieces?

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Re: Did the Greeks translate 'stauros and xulon' from Aramaic? - by markt - 06-29-2008, 05:36 AM

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