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the name of god
sean Wrote:What is name of god, in the old testament in aramaic?

People are claiming that the name for God in the old testament is Yahweh, I have heard both sides but most of these are from people who use the king james bible and know hebrew, not using the peshitta. For instance apparently the hebrew only gives the letters yhwh, what does the aramaic say, obliviously I don't know aramaic and only have the lamsa bible at present.
Also most of the names in hebrew that start with the letter y (yodh) are translated with the letter j (jacob , jehoshaphat) except for the word yahweh. Some claim that the name should be, jehovah.
How do I pronounce eshoo ?
Thank you.

Shlama Akhi Sean:
Wherever YHVH appears it is translated as Marya (over 7000 times). Wherever the title Elohim appears it is translated into the singular Alaha.

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