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Hardcopies ready! Thankyou to all who helped.
sean Wrote:To Raph, hoping you are well. I have been reading the bible for thirty years, you don't know me from a bar of soap.
Don't be so quick to judge your brothers, especially those you hardly know. I have probably not read Leviticus fully through, as far as I can remember I have read all the other books in the bible. In short many christians do read their bibles.
I believe in the bible, and in God, you don't. So I suppose there will always been different beliefs between you and myself.
If you want to correct something I have written, feel free. I am open to correction.

You may be surprised to know that Leviticus 19 is the source from which our LORD Yeshua quoted "love your neighbour as your self" and the parameters surrounding its proper understanding. Moreover Leviticus 19 is the very middle of the Torah.

Stephen Silver
Dukhrana Biblical Research
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