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What date are the Peshitta documents?
Shlama all,

I remembered Paul Younan's assessment after he had read the colophon on page 11 of Khabouris, which tells about the date of the ms. from which it was copied:
Quote:Re: Khaboris Manuscript
by Paul Younan on Thu Sep 16, 2004 8:24 am

Shlama Akhi Stephen,

nashama wrote:
Hi Paul:
Thanks for the historical background. Does this mean that the Khaboris Manuscript is an 11th Century copy of a well worn extant Fifth Century Manuscript?
(internal documentation-approx. year 325 C.E. + 100 years).

Warm Regards,

I went back and re-read the colophon and I don't find any reference at all to "100 years" - I think somebody is making that part up. It simply refers to the original copy being made during the Great Persecution, which would make the Khabouris an 11th-century copy of a well worn 4th century manuscript, which was most likely a copy of the very original 1st-century manuscripts.

So with the Khabouris we have, I believe, a 3rd-generation text which was very close to the original since only 2...or a maximum or 3 scribes in total had their hands in there. That's why its so valuable. It's only the 3rd link in the chain. Paul Younan
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