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What date are the Peshitta documents?
I attempted to introduce primacy for dummies to my Messianic Nazarene friend, Ben. Ben is the wise, questioning type who never takes one's word for anything. Even though he read the pamphlets I provided, he is still afraid that the uniqueness of the Peshitta (aka Yeshua=MARYA) and tons of other corrected Greek errors are the result of a translator who made these changes with the Greek manuscripts.

His reasoning is that in his words "NO ARAMAIC DOCUMENTS EVEN EXIST, HOW COULD YOU TRUST SOMETHING THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO FOUNDATION? You are reading from nothing. Only the Greek manuscripts are here."

Im pretty sure the documents exist, they must, but I dont know what they are dated. I know the internal evidence shows the superitority of the Peshitta either way, but what DATE are the peshitta documents that we do have?

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