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Aramaic Lexicon
I hear ECF where this is concerned, we don't have a more exhaustive lexicon of the Peshitta; Smith, Jennings & Clavis Syriaca in the end do not compare to say "Browns-Driver-Briggss Hebrew Definitions" which is tied to Strong's numbers. SEDRA comes close to Strong's but it's still far too concise, which I feel doesn't do justice to the Aramaic language. CAL is more exhaustive but the layout can be confusing, also for some reason they leave proper names out, what gives with that? So far the best "lexicon" I've come across is Janet M. Magiera's Peshitta morphology for the BibleWorks program. She gives the lexeme, the word as it is in the text, pronounciation (east & west), Strong's number (when a similar word is found in the Hebrew), and then a defination of the word, which is a little more exhaustive than SEDRA but still not as much as it should be. It's not quite "B-D-B" but the closest I've found so far.

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