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About Ron Moseley
I'm hearing the same old thing here..........That I'm spreading "Lashon Ha Ra".

You know, if I can help kids stay off of drugs, I'll do whatever that I can to do that.

Up to and including, being a major pain in the rear for the drug dealers.

If someone is gonna step out in front of a moving truck (let's say), and I'm there, I'd pull them back to safety.

If someone hacks a website, and I KNOW who it is, I'll tell the truth about the hacker.


I met Moseley. I listened to his radio broadcasts daily, I argued for P'shitta Primacy with him right to his face, to no avail.

Your RIGHT, you don't like what I write, your free to NOT READ IT.

This website even has a 'friends foe' feature........USE IT.

The "Gospel" of Prosperity Preaching, and The Word of Faith Movement, are both LIES FROM THE PIT OF HELL.

Gee, can anyone REALLY NOT see THAT?

If I see danger, I'll very likely write about it.

Feel free to 'delete' from your mind, whatever I write here.


P.S. I WENT to Ron Moseley. I discussed my concerns with him. I did this during a large part of the hour and a half, to two hours that we spent with him.

I was concerned then, and I'm just as concerned now, that WE WHO ARE NOT JEWS, SHOULD NOT TRY TO "BECOME JEWS".

I personally find something rather sick about this, not even to mention it being DISRESPECTFUL, to those who really ARE Jews in the flesh!

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