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Palestinian Aramaic to Greek

I don't know what scholarship is referred to; I do know that I have over 100 examples of Herodian (Dead Sea Scroll) script being misread and mistranslated into Greek from Peshitta readings in The New Testament. I have these examples in my Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament. I have illustrated these using the Dead Sea Scroll font of Jack Kilmon and photos of Dead Sea Scroll lettering, along with the Greek Uncial and miniscule letters and translations of each Aramaic & Greek reading. The Herodian script was peculiar to Palestine, and accounts for Greek readings much better generally than Estrangela script, which was used primarily in Mesopotamia.

The examples occur in almost every book of the 27 book NT, including the Western five books. They were originally written in Palestine in Herodian script Aramaic, which was not used after the first century.

Burkta kulkown,


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