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The Timing of MarYah
Shlama Friends,

I looked into the old archives today here at, and found out something that I did not know till now.

Paul Younan and Andrew Gabriel Roth (and one more person who's name I forget at the moment) started when they were over at the old Study Light forum (which is Janet Magiera's forum, I think), long ago (in 2000, if I remember correctly).

Anyway, if I got the whole drift of the post that I read right, Paul and Andrew and their other friend, put their collective heads together and decided to start this Forum.

Now, most of you know about how the ancient Nazarenes, or the Jewish Believers in Yeshua, took the Good News to the Assyrian People.

And in turn, when the times got tough for the Nazarenes, the ancient Assyrian Christians took them in, they became "a part of the Family", and even became the Leaders (or Catholicos, or Patriarchs) of the Assyrian Church of the East for almost 200 years!

Now, I'm a firm Believer that NOTHING happens, that doesn't happen in MarYah's timing, and in His Will.

Does it not seem timely to all of you that a modern Nazarene and an Assyrian Christian put their heads together, and started this Forum?

This seems 'supernatural' to me........and firmly MarYah's Hand!

I was thinking about the great beauty of this today, and how the ancient times may be "repeating themselves" again, and I wanted to share this lovely story with all of you.

Praise MarYah and His timing! Albion

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