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Acts 2:1
Dawid Wrote:Why does the Peshitta use a form of Pentecost, rather than Shavu'oth? I've only looked at the Peshitto of this, as found in Mr. Bauscher's interlinear, but that has me rather confused. Does the Peshitta have a different reading? Why would it use a loan word for the name of a Jewish festival? That doesn't seem to make sense.
Shlama Dawid,
Peshitta definitely uses here a Greek loan word and not Shavuos as one would expect. This was discussed here some time ago but the thread has disappeared in the (time) black hole. Andrew Gabriel Roth suggested in his elaborate response then that this usage could also be a way of settling an old dispute on how omer should be counted (if I remember correctly). It's really a shame that no one has made an external backup of the forum, I had an idea to do that once or twice but it was always left for later on my todo list. Now we will have quite a lot of topics to discuss all over again.

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