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Jesus called a Nasraya in Matthew 2:23
ograabe Wrote:December 30, 2007

Matthew 2: 23 reads "And he came and dwelled in the city that is called Nasrath so that it might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet that he will be called a Nasraya."

I'd appreciate an explaination of the term Nasraya as it relates to the term "Nazarene" and especially to which prophet is Mattthew referring. Where is this prophecy written?



Shlama Akhi Otto:
The precise phrase "he shall be called a Nasraya" doesn't appear anywhere in the T"NK or the A"NK. However, the prophet Zekhariah has written, "behold the man whose name is the branch" translated from the Hebrew "hiney ish tzemakh sh'mo" (Zekhariah 6:12 and 3:8). the word used for branch is "tzemakh". Tzemakh is the precise synonym of netzer. These quotes by Zekhariah are referring to the incarnation of the Meshikha. The word-play of "netzer" and "nasarya", if you will, is secondary to the prophesy concerning the branch. Also, this relates to the prophesy of Isaiah 11:1, where the word "netzer" is used in the illustration of the "tree" with roots (Jesse) and "the branch", which is Meshikha. Again in Isaiah 11:10 there is the continuance of the thought, "root of Jesse" as extending salvation to the Gentiles. Just some thoughts, Akhi Otto.

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