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Question About Eucharist In The COE (For Paul)
Dear Akhan Paul (Younan),

I remember when I first started doing my research on the Assyrian COE back in the late 1980's, that I read that The Assyrian Church of the East used a kind dough in each loaf of bread baked for Eucharist (my Anglican word....sorry) that contained a little of the last loaf of bread that was used for the previous Eucharist.

One author commented that since the Jews used *unleavened bread* that the COE could NOT be continuing a custom begun in Apostolic times by Yeshua's followers.

I know that you are a Deacon now Paul, and I was wondering if you could eleborate on this custom for me, and especially explain about the KIND of bread used.

Could it possibly be a continuation of bread used in the First Century, by the Apostles?
I know that this is kinda of a 'long shot', but is it possible maybe?

Would I be right to compare it to a kind of "Sour Dough" bread that one use's as 'a starter' from a previous loaf of bread, to make the NEW loaf with?

I don't mean to make light of a Holy custom comparing it to 'Sour Dough', I just don't know any other way to ask the question.

Thanks for answering............Shlama, your Brother, Albion

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