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To Paul-Beth Sapra Access
Shlama old friend,

I hope things are going well for you and your family, and that you will have a blessed Advent and Christmas season.

Quite some time ago, over a year now, you changed the security settings on the server and in the process locked me out of my Beth Sapra website. I tried e-mailing you at the old addresses, but you didn???t respond.

Now that your back, I would prefer not to have an outdated website with my name on it which I no longer have access to . If it is possible to restore my access to the site, I would be happy to start updating it again. If not, it would be better if you would delete it.

Secondly, I couldn???t log onto the forum with my old aramaicscribe account and had to create a new one, so if the old one is still on the forum, please delete that too so there???s no confusion.

John Marucci

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