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Was Jesus Forsaken On The Cross? (Part 1)
Thank you, Distazo.
I'm glad you considered what I stated.
To your comments:

I don't know if translators are "needed". If you are creating something out of whole cloth, maybe not.
Suppose, though, that you wish to do more. The Romans, for instance, were very superstitious, especially after the fact.
Read the histories of the Caesars - Dio, Suetonius, etc. - and you will find large numbers of statements concerning the "gods" giving signals and signs that such and such an emperor was "destined" to rule or to die. Galba roars into Rome and the story is told of a young woman who read a prophecy at an altar and that a paper was found under the altar that contained the very words that the young girl spoke and the paper was "supposedly" placed under the altar years earlier, having never been seen. "See? Galba was chosen to be emperor!"
Vespasian, as told by Josephus, used what Josephus himself provided, the "Star Prophecy". A World Ruler shall come from Judea and the Jews thought it would be a Jew. Josephus tells Vespasian that it would be Vespasian himself. Vespasian marches on Rome and displaces the Julio-Claudian Line and installs the Flavian Line.

Here is where it gets difficult to discern what you read and what is intended. Suppose there is a Story that already exists. It is a Noble Story of a Priesthood that is utterly killed and destroyed save for a very few. One of the key characters survives this first Death only to be killed years later. This character believes that there must be a reason why God did not stand by him and the other Priests the first time. The story continues to a very sad end.

Levticus 26:

[1]"You shall make for yourselves no idols and erect no graven image or pillar, and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land, to bow down to them; for I am the LORD your God.
[2] You shall keep my sabbaths and reverence my sanctuary: I am the LORD.
[3]"If you walk in my statutes and observe my commandments and do them,
[4] then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit...
[9] And I will have regard for you and make you fruitful and multiply you, and will confirm my covenant with you.

Herod erects a golden eagle over the Temple - "Isn't that the very abomination found in verse 1?!??" - and two teachers are immolated for cutting it down. Herod is dying in Jericho. If these Priests observe the perfect Passover, God will stand by them and eliminate the Herodians, the Romans and, as I emphasized, especially the Pharisees! Only, it doesn't happen that way. Herod is dead and Archelaus rules in Jerusalem!

It is Passover and the populace streams towards the Temple Grounds. They are expecting as least, a Coup d'Etat, at most, God's Divine Intervention as the Temple is Re-Dedicated and Re-Consecrated. The rulers feel that the "Mob" cannot be controlled. People are first sent in to try to calm those who are performing the sacrifices and these generals and others are stoned. If you think, "My God, my God, for this was I spared!" reads strangely, read this as if it came from the floor of the Temple, in front of the Altar, just before the Massacre of the Thousands:

Luke 19: 39 - 40:

39. But some of the Pharisees from among the crowds said, "Rabbi, rebuke your disciples."
40. He said to them, "I say to you, that if these should be silent, the rocks would cry out".

And the soldiers were then sent in and they murdered almost everyone. This Priest is of the Service Group "Immer" and this group will be at Temple in 12 years for another Passover...

Back to original question. Do you make up something or do gain the advantage of theft over honest toil?

I want to be very careful here with your question. If it is a matter of "Translators" setting up the parallel stories and not getting it right, I dunno. I can't answer and THAT'S NOT THE QUESTION I NEED ANSWERED.
Try this:

Verify that the Time Markers are as they appear. "Hannah the Prophetess" goes back to Queen Salome in 76 BCE. "The Old Man by the Pool" goes back to 30 BCE and the appointment of the High Priest by Herod and the death of Antigonus. The Hasmonaean Rulers and High Priests are now dead. "The Woman with the 12 Year Issue of Blood" and "Jairus' Daughter" go back 12 years to the 4 BCE Slaughter - The Nation and the Priesthood are now Ritually Unclean!
The "Woman Bent Over for 18 years" goes back to the finishing of the Cloisters by Herod and the dedication of the Temple AND celebration of Herod's ascension on the same day. The woman cannot worship God at the Temple without worshiping Herod! No wonder she's been bent over for 18 years!

All counted back from 8/9 CE. The Tribulation, Salome up through the deaths of Aristobulus 2 and his son can also be found but...maybe later.

Verify this first and then ask why a translator worked from "Gpiptha" to "Gabbatha". Why work on a "One Way" translation?

All of this is of greatest importance to me. Greek Primacy isn't the point. The Aramaic Translations are crucial to seeing what did take place. If a dead Caesar ordered the destruction of a great history for his vanity and some fragments of what he had hoped to destroy still survived, would that be important - no matter what year it was discovered?
I took up a lot of space here and I apologize - but there is a lot still left.


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