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Nestorianism, Hypostasis, Chalcedonianism, etc.
Hi Keith,

Sounds like a good summary. I believe every theology
of Christ is wrong. None of them is correct. In fact, none of them even comes close to being correct.

I will reserve my position for those who may be interested.
Theologians have made a text book case out of The Person
of God in flesh and have not understood Who and What He is and the nature of His Divine incarnation as humanity.

Neither have they understood His Deity. The answer is so simple ("Peshitta") and theologians are always trying to look for a complicated solution to what they believe is an extremely complex phenomenon and Being ,as an incarnate God of Heaven , that they are blind to the pure simplicity and simple purity of the Person revealed in the words of The Peshitta and The Peshitta of The Miltha (WORD).

Only a child's faith and heart can see and accept it. The "wise guys" will refuse to even consider the unsuspected remaining possiblity.
Its too shocking and humbling.


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