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The peshitta icon

styrmirh Wrote:Ok I see, does the name have any relevance to the name of Jesus since you also use a cross with the letters "Y" and "H"?

The name Jesus is the same as the English Joshua (from Hebrew, "Yeshua") and means "Yah is Salvation", so in that sense Jesus' name has the shortened form of God's Name as well.

styrmirh Wrote:What is the Church of the East history?

The Church of the East is a nearly 2,000-year old denomination that is not in communion with any other branch of Christianity. The Church of the East began with Apostolic missions to Babylon (1Peter 5:13) outside of the Roman empire, in Persian territory. In Babylon, there was a very large population of Jews who never returned to the Holy Land when Cyrus released them from captivity....they chose to remain in Babylon, and from that community you have things like the Babylonian Talmud, etc.

It was to that very large Jewish community that Peter went to preach the Gospel (again, 1Peter 5:13) and it was from that starting point that the Church of the East grew to be, by the 11th century, the largest Christian denomination of its day. It stretched from Cyprus to Japan and covered the whole of Asia.

It retained a distinctive Semitic, Aramaic-based culture as opposed to the Church of the West (Roman empire) which took on a Hellenistic culture. We have retained and still speak Aramaic today....the language of Jesus and the apostles.

styrmirh Wrote:And in what denomination is this icon/letters used? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

Just in the Church of the East.

Take care.
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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