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Questions re peshitta primacy
Firstly thanks for the reply. :-)

ograabe Wrote:In John 20:16 the Peshitta has ???... and said to him in Hebrew Rabbuli ( [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Ylwbr[/font] ) which means Teacher ( [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0nplm[/font] )....??? APPARENTLY JOHN BELIEVED ARAMAIC SPEAKING READERS MAY NOT KNOW HEBREW SINCE THEY ARE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES BUT WANTED TO QUOTE MARYAM EXACTLY.

As for the last comment, I don???t know why Zorba chosen certain Greek words to translate Luke???s Aramaic text.


I received a couple of responses to this they are.

Quote:So Mary spoke this apparent Aramaic word in Hebrew now, right? Did she actually speak in Hebrew or was it just coincidentally this one word? And what Hebrew form is this??

One thing we know for sure: neither rabbuni or rabbi means "teacher", and an Aramaic speaker would know that. It is an honorific title given to a teacher, "master". While it is understandable that such a term could get confused in Greek, such confusion wouldn't be there in Aramaic. What we have in the Aramaic is a translation of the confusion in Greek.


Quote: John doesn't give it (Mary's response) in Hebrew; ...... it's Aramaic. Rabuni, in fact, is apparently an early form of the word in Palestinian Aramaic, as it's preserved also in some of the (Aramaic) Fragment Targums to the Pentateuch, e.g., fragment D to Gen. 44:18, where it's found twice. (Later targums like Onkelos have riboni (Gen. 33:11) or ribonana' (Gen. 23:6) which, if I remember correctly, are generally considered artificial vocalizations from the (Babylonian?) rabbinic academies.)

any thoughts?

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