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Peshitta and COE liturgy

Thanks Paul, do we have any idea how old this portion of the liturgy is?[/quote]

I seem to recall that the "Liturgy of the Holy Apostles Mari and Addai" is the "oldest Liturgy in continuos use", and is dated around Ad 200.[/quote]

Keep in mind also that the liturgy of Addai and Mari is the core of the worship service every week. These days set aside for Martyrs, etc., were instituted later in time obviously.

In other words, there is always a fixed portion of the liturgy every week (that of Mari and Addai, known by the Maronites as well, the oldest liturgy still in use anywhere by anyone) - and there are weekly readings for days of commemoration like that of Mar Shimon bar-Sabbae which are of course later.

For instance, we have since the assassination/martyrdom of the Patriarch Mar Benyamin in 1915 instituted a commemoration day for him in the liturgical cycle.
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