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Hello Steve,

That last post of yours is one of the best examples of hysteria I have ever read. It is also classical bigotry , blind zealotry and stupidity.

Quote:To link Aramaic Primacy with the statistical analysis of hidden codes in the New Testament Peshitta, can not be of a pure motive.

Says who ? Why must I have an impure motive to do that? You must be practicing "divination" to come up with that assertion.

Quote:It is at the very least extremely naive to be a proponent of any statistical analysis of the Bible, either the TaNaK (Old Testament or the New Testament, when doing so violates tenets of the text itself.

You mean the Bible forbids any statistical analysis of the Bible ? What were the Massoretes doing for two thousand years ?
They counted the numbers of words & letters for each book, the middle verse, the middle word, numbers of Alephs,Beths,Gimels,etc. for each book. They tabulated thousands of pages of statistics for the Hebrew Bible in the Massorah;the numbers of times "Elohim" occured with "Yahweh" before it; the numbers of times it occurs after it, on and on and on.
We would not have the Hebrew text in such a pure form today were it not for statistical analysis of the Bible which the Massoretes engaged in (and The scribes of The Peshitta also BTW, but I'm sure you did not know that The Peshitta has a Massorah as well).

Every lexicon and concordance is made by engaging in statistical analysis of The Bible.
I suppose you have never used one of them, since you have this conviction that "The Bible forbids any statistical analysis of its text."

Please produce the proof text for this claim.
And be sure not to use a concordance to do so; that would be hypocrisy.

Quote:It is forbidden in the TORAH to soothsay, practice witchcraft, divination, the doctrine of Balaam, etc..etc

This is the best part of your statement.
Where did you get "soothsaying" out of the codes I have discussed ? Have you even read any of my material on the codes ?
I have searched for the Divine names and titles in The Peshitta to see how often they occur to determine if they occur more often
than expected by chance. They occur far more often than expected by chance.

How is this soothsaying ?

Where do you get your information, Steve ?
What were you smoking when you write these last three posts to me ?

Did any of your ancestors happen to hail from Salem , Massachusetts , and conduct certain trials there ?

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