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After Voobus
judge Wrote:If Voobus claimed that the peshitta was a revision of the Old syriac what evidence did he present?

Circumstantial evidence based on the similiarity of certain readings. Obviously, there is a strong relationship between the two texts as sometimes they read verbatim like each other.

Voobus theorized that the OS was older because it more resembled the Western family of Greek texts, which were in his time and even today considered by most GPs to be an older text type within the various Greek families.

We contend, however, that the similiarities between the Peshitta~OS are due to the fact that the OS was a revision of the Peshitta to bring it closer in line with the "Western" family of Greek texts. Keep in mind that OS was found in Egypt, where the vast majority of "Western" family of Greek texts have survived. Egypt is, and has always been, a Monophysite stronghold.

Rabbula was a Monophysite and strongly allied with the Coptic Church in Egypt. In fact, Cyril who was the opponent of Nestorius was himself a Copt and allied with Rabbula in stamping out the Church of the East.

judge Wrote:We have seen Yuri argue that aphrahat quotes the OS but the only examples he has presented are when a portion of a quote from Aphrahat reads "like" the OS , however (and I stand to be corrected) this is only achieved by cutting of the beginning and the end of the quote.
Conversely Aphrahat does in fact quote the peshitta word for word.

Precisely. Mar Aphrahat had never heard of the Old Scratch. He quotes verbatim from the Peshitta, when quoting verbatim. When paraphrasing, some of his quotes look like the OS because the Western-type text of the Greek family is actually a more "paraphrased" account of the original gospels...and they contain many "interpolations" and "expanded" readings.

judge Wrote:Did Voobus use the same kind of argumemts?

Pretty much, yes. That's why many GPs are still in the Burkitt camp (an even more ridiculous opinion!)

That's why we tell them both to take a hike!
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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