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After Voobus
We have seen how Burkitt wrongly thought that the peshitta was produced by Rabulla. This theory was rufuted by Arthur Voobus.
But what about scholarly opinion since then? Has it just been ignored?

Paul provided this quote in another thread here.
Quote:The question who it was that produced the Peshitta version of the New Testament will perhaps never be answered. That it was not Rubbula has been proved by Voobus's researches. . .In any case, however, in view of the adoption of the same version of the Scriptures by both the Eastern (Nestorian) and Western (Jacobite) branches of Syrian Christendom, we must conclude that it had attained a considerable degree of status before the division of the Syrian Church in AD 431. (Bruce M. Metzger, The Early Versions of the New Testament (New York: Claredon, 1977), p. 36)

Did any scholars after Voobus attempt to suggest the origin of the peshitta?

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