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Must the Scriptures be written in a ???global language????
Paul how long will you allow this agent of Satan to reside here? Look at how he insults Eastern Christianity by virtually claiming that God didn't allow them to survive as they didn't hold to the "original Bible". This froma fool who cannot even spell Semitic.

I can not believe that such things are allowed on a forum that is meant to a) be scholarly and b) promote the Peshitta.

Yet I was the one who was banned, while Satan's self-righteous brother is allowed to stay, all the while attacking Peshitta-believers, and blaspheming about anything and everything.

It is time to take action once again Paul. Only this time, for crying out loud, don't turn on those who love you. All I wanted is to come back and find and share proofs, not to argue - how long will I, and others have to put up with such nonsense?


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Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?

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